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Anti Modern Slavery Ambassadors

What is slavery?
Slavery is where somebody loses their freedom and is forced to work for little or no money.
Slavery is illegal in every country in the world . It was made illegal in the UK in 1833.  However, there are some people in the World who do not love their neighbours and do not treat people fairly.  In the world today there are still over 45 million slaves.
At our school we feel it is important the children understand the importance of treating their friends, family, the people in our school community and the global community with love and kindness.  That all the children feel valued and have the confidence to speak out if they are worried about anything.  
I am an Anti-Modern Day Slavery Ambassador.  I think this role is important because we can show people that they are all valued and have a right to freedom.  We can also make sure that all people are treated fairly.   
If you find yourself getting slowly tricked into anything always tell a trusted adult.
I am an Anti-Modern Day Slavery Ambassador.  I think this job is important because it shows children everyone is equal and valued.
I am an Anti- Modern Day Slavery Ambassador.  I this this job is important because everybody everywhere is allowed to have their rights.  Every child and adult should know that they are important and we are all equal.  
Sometimes when you are at home you can close your eyes and think about how you can help stop slavery.
I am an Anti-Modern Day Slavery Ambassador.  I think Slavery should not happen anywhere.  We are going to teach the children  that they should not trust strangers and that everyone is better than what they think they are.