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At Bishop Lonsdale we encourage all children to be readers who share a passion for books and reading. We promote reading as a lifetime learning skill which provides children with enjoyment and excitement and an opportunity to gain information about the world around them. All classes have a daily story read to them by an adult.

The teaching of reading focuses on word reading (decoding) and comprehension (understanding).

Children are taught to read using Phonics from Nursery, Reception and through to Key Stage 1. They are taught in small groups across EYFS and Year 1 and 2 in discrete daily Phonics lessons. Phonics skills are also embedded within our daily teaching of literacy.

Across the school, children have many opportunities to develop their reading skills and they are encouraged to read for pleasure. In reading lessons, comprehension skills are developed through the use of a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Children are taught these skills in small groups in order to facilitate high quality discussion and participation. During these lessons children also independently complete further work following teacher-led group reading, practise comprehension skills and read for pleasure.

Time is given during the school day for children to read their staged reading book independently and they also have regular opportunity to read one to one with an adult. Parents are encouraged to support their children with reading at home.