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Keeping Fit

The Daily Mile at Home:


This site introduces all families across the UK to The #DailyMileAtHome. It’s an easy and fun way to keep fit and maintain good health and wellbeing for you and your children.

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Kids need to be active for 60 minutes a day. From our fun 10 Minute Shake Up games to information about active hobbies and sports, here's everything you need to get your family moving.

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Go Noodle 


Movement and mindfulness videos to keep your child fit and motivated.

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Super Movers 


Cross curricular workouts to get children moving throughout the day.

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Jump Start Jonny 


 'Energizers' to keep the children active and 'Chill Outs' to calm them down.

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Cosmic Yoga 


Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation especially for children aged 3+

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