Art and Design

During their time at Bishop Lonsdale Primary School and Nursery, our children are encouraged to explore in their own forms of artistic expression; allowing them to delve deep into their creativity. Children experience a wide range of artistic techniques, from the more traditional painting and drawing to more experimental sculpture and printing. This allows children to express themselves in a variety of ways, and provides them with the tools to create their own pieces of art, unique to them. Children learn about great modern, and culturally significant artists and designers, in order to understand how art has progressed through time, the power it can have on its audience and as a source of inspiration for their own work. From the Early Years Foundation Stage, all the way to Year 6; our children are encouraged to think critically about the art and design they are observing and use this to inform their own decisions when creating their pieces of art.

Our children focus on four main areas of artistic skill development during their art lessons:


Across the year groups, children use a variety of paints including: poster paint, acrylic and watercolour. They are encouraged to experiment with their use of brushstrokes and learn about colour mixing and colour theory. Children learn about creating shades, tones, tints, hue and mood with colours and how to use them to make their paintings appear more realistic or distorted. Children are also encouraged to experiment with alternative methods of using a paintbrush such as dry brushing, dotting and splashing to create texture within their work.


Our children are taught how to use varying grades of sketching pencil and the effects each one can create. They learn about composition, perspective, scale and adding light and shadow to make their art come to life. In addition, children are taught that drawing can be used as a means of planning their work through sketch, used as a foundation for a piece of art or can be used for a completed piece. Children experiment with line, form and shape to experiment how a drawing can achieve a variety of effects.


During their art lessons, our children are exposed to a variety of printing techniques including: potato and sponge printing in the Early Years Foundation Stage; block printing in KS1 and impress and relief printing in KS2. Children use their knowledge of colours to create abstract printed art, often taking inspiration from great artists and designers. Children learn about layering print to create different effects and how adding other materials into their work can change the impact of the piece.

3D Art

Children use a variety of materials to create 3D art during their lessons. They learn how to manipulate and join materials in order to achieve a desired effect. Children experiment with carving, moulding and shaping malleable materials whilst using their hands or tools. They learn about different finishing and decorating techniques.