Design and Technology

Design and Technology is taught across all Key Stages at Bishop Lonsdale. Children are encouraged to use their problem-solving skills, think creatively and develop their own production ideas. Using purposeful and meaningful stimulus, our children undergo the design, make and evaluate stages of product development throughout all of their units of work. Alongside developing a product or solution, our children also expand their technical knowledge and skills whilst using tools; and manufacturing using different materials. Children will engage in one unit of Cooking and Nutrition each year, developing their understanding of living a healthy lifestyle and their food preparation skills.



Children will explore existing products on the market, evaluate their effectiveness and identify areas of improvement. Children identify a purpose for their product and identify a target market. They then design and modify existing products to suit their brief. Our children use a variety of methods to plan and design their product, these include: Computer Aided Design (CAD); technical drawings and prototyping.



Based off their chosen design, the children will manufacture their product independently, in pairs or in small groups. Children are taught the specific skills that they will need to create a successful outcome. Our children will learn about: joins, sawing techniques, moving parts, safety procedures, including electrical components within a product and many more. Our children will use a wide range of tools and materials and work safely, using protective measures.



Upon completion, our children will peer and self-assess their product against the initial production criteria. Children will identify areas of strength and weakness in their design and their end product. Within this, our children will evaluate the effectiveness of the materials chosen and any environmental impacts which their product might have on the environment.


Cooking and Nutrition

Our children learn about how to live a healthy lifestyle and food production in this module. They will analyse current industry practices and discuss any improvements they would like to see be made. Our children will hone their food preparation and cooking skills, whilst making a variety of healthy meals and snacks. All allergy and dietary requirements will be catered for during these sessions.

Year 2 made vegetable casserole.