Collective Worship

All pupils at Bishop Lonsdale Church of England Primary School and Nursery are required to take part in daily Collective Worship where they are given the opportunity to explore their own beliefs and consider spiritual and moral issues.  

At Bishop Lonsdale School we believe that children are able to develop confidently in a safe and secure environment nurtured by the beliefs and teachings of the Christian faith.  We meet together daily to reinforce community values and to worship together, encouraging children to develop a positive learning and caring attitude towards each other and the natural environment. 

Easter Service 2022

Worship Club

At Worship club the children plan, deliver and evaluate some class and whole school Worships.  The children also work towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

During 2020-2021 7 children in Year 4 achieved their Bronze Worship Award..


Picture News 
Picture News encourages children to talk about a national or world event each week. Download this weeks Picture News below. 
Should pets be protected more than other animals?
British Value: Democracy
We all have a voice and can use it to make a difference to things we care about.  Some charities and volunteers have used their voice to help protect and care for pets escaping conflict in Ukraine.
UN Rights of a Child: 22: Refugee Children
Children who move from their home country to another country as refugees should get help and protection.  The Vets for Ukraine Pets scheme gives support to refugees and their pets. 
Christian Value: Service 
Bible Link: Proverbs 12:10
A good man takes care of his animals...