Learning Zone 5

Leaning Zone Five - outdoor learning whatever the weather! We have plenty of outdoor space for our children to investigate, explore and be physically active. Our space is divided into coloured sub zones - two or three of these areas are open daily.
What our children say about Zone Five
"I water the flowers with the red watering can because flowers need water to grow"
"I like to ride the bikes fast."
"I love building the dens with the blue things and the wood and putting the clips on, but sometimes they hard to put on so I ask a grown up to help me."
Activities include:
Blue Zone (Focussed Tasks) is located under the shelter. Activities are set up to mirror key areas of learning from inside the unit. The reading pit also provides a chance for children to relax with a book outside.
Red Zone (Gross Motor) children can practise climbing, crawling and balancing on a wide range of large apparatus. It is also the space used for den building and large construction.
Green Zone (The Garden) contains a dedicated digging space, a growing area and a resource hut containing many resources, such as: magnifying glasses, to enable children to find out more about nature.
Orange Zone (The Kitchen) our outdoor kitchen enables children to play imaginatively, use vocabulary linked to measures and practise hand-eye co-ordination with water, compost, bark and shells.