What is E-Safety?
E-Safety is all about helping our pupils to understand how to stay safe online, whether they are using their computers, tablets, phones or any other devices. It also helps children to better understand how to respond to issues around cyber-bullying, texting and social media as they get older.
Thanks to the internet, children today grow up with access to amazing technology, games, media and learning online. However, this also comes with an element of risk and our pupils need to know how to stay safe online and what to do if they encounter a problem or are worried about anything that happens online.
We teach our pupils about E-Safety throughout their time at our school - but the most important rule they need to remember is:
Whenever they are unsure or worried about anything they might have experienced online, they should tell a trusted adult, such as a family member, family friend or any of our school staff.
Bishop Lonsdale
i-Vengers Team

Our school has joined the i-Vengers program, which is an online safety scheme, developed by Derbyshire County Council and endorsed by the Derbyshire and Derby City Safeguarding Children Partnership.

The Bishop Lonsdale i-Vengers Team are a group  of Year 5 and 6 children, led by Mr Lydon. Their aims are to:

  • Become leaders in online safety in the school.
  • Help everyone in our school community learn about online safety (including parents and teachers!).
  • Help everyone make safer choices online.
  • Complete tasks in school to help to raise awareness of online safety, such as surveys, presentations and sharing their expertise with the other children.
More information can be found at the i-Vengers website:

Recommended resources!

What parents and carers need to know about TikTok and Roblox
Click on the links above to download either a pdf or jpg versions of these guides to these apps.
These resources have been produced by:

Free guides for parents - click the link below:

National Online Safety Guides

As part of their #WakeUpWednesday campaign, the National Online Safety website adds a new platform guide every Wednesday, for schools to share with parents.

There are already lots of informative guides for all kinds of social media, games, platforms and devices. If your child is using or playing something that you want to know more about, click the link above to start browsing!

The i-Vengers' Top Tips
We asked children across the school to share with us their best ideas for staying safe and being respectful online. Please open the file below to see Bishop Lonsdale’s 12 Top Tips for 2022!
Recommended websites:

BBC Own It - TV programmes for children all about e-safety.

UK Safer Internet Centre - resources for primary age children.
Think U Know - a website for children, part of the Police and CEOP online safety resources.

Childline - resources and information for older children, including mobile phone safety.

Childnet Primary - activities and resource for children about online safety.
CEOP - information for adults about this nationwide initiative from the Police Service.