Seesaw is a learning platform used to engage children and their families in remote learning.

Seesaw can be downloaded as an app on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Just search the app store for ‘Class Seesaw’. It can also be used on the computer.

To access your child’s account you will need a QR code or a 12 letter code. You will have received this via e-mail. If you cannot locate your code please e-mail your class teacher using their home learning e-mail address. Click here for the Seesaw log in page.

Your child can complete tasks set by the teacher on Seesaw itself. If they prefer to complete the tasks on paper that is fine but please take a photo and add it to Seesaw. Please share photos of any other paper, practical or active home learning your child does.

Once work has been submitted, the teacher will approve the work and feedback to your child. Feedback may come as a voice recording or in written form.

To learn how to use Seesaw watch the following help videos

How to log in

How to add a simple post of a photo or note

How to open and save an activity