Collective Worship is a time to be together (listening and talking about stories, singing and prayer)

Daily Worships - Week Commencing 22/2/21

Please click on the links:
Tuesday - Do walls divide us or protect us?


Wednesday - Imaginor - Journey into Easter

The Last Supper (Download the booklet below)

Read the story of Joseph and his coat of many colours.

Click in ‘Bible Stories’ and discuss the story ‘Joseph is a reliable worker’ (key questions)

Click in ‘Kids Talk with God’ and say one of the prayers

Click on ‘Hands on Activities’ and complete one of the tasks.

Lesson and Music Track - 30 minutes

Useful Websites

SPCK Bedtme Stories

A selection of stories that children can listen to from the Bible. Faith at Home Bedtime Stories - YouTube

Picture News Virtual Assemblies

A virtual assembly will be available for you to watch and share with your children at home every Friday at 9am from this video channel: www.vimeo.com/channels/picturenews

Kids of Integrity

Stories and Prayers for you to read to your child can be found at https://www.kidsofintegrity.com/

Pop UK

Pop UK, have given families free access to some of their songs including one of the songs that we sing at school ‘Walk in the light.’

Follow this link and then click on kids at home https://www.popuk.org/kids-at-home


This website contains lots of Bible story episodes, games, interactive activities and in the discovery section there are ideas for parents about how you can use each episode.

Click on the link: https://uk-en.superbook.cbn.com

Important information: On this site they recommend that the adults view the episodes first before sharing them with the children.

We recommend watching these episodes during the next two weeks - they are based on friendship.
  • King Solomon - episode 311
  • Jesus in the wilderness- episode 411

Fischy Music

Fischy Music, are leading a Collective Worship each week via YouTube. Click on this link below


Heart Smart

Heart Smart aims to show all children about the importance of love and hope

This is a free resource. You do not need to subscribe. There are short videos to watch and fun and creative activities to do.

Areas covered:

  • Don’t forget to let love in
  • Too much selfie isn’t healthy
  • Don’t hold on to what’s wrong
  • Fake is a mistake
  • No way through isn’t true
Click on this link: https://www.heartsmart.family/

Growing Together

Gloucester Diocese, have written a series of ‘Growing Together’ pages that can be used at home. Each page covers a specific theme and there are related stories, prayers and ideas of activities that you can do.

  • Being a channel of God’s peace
  • The gift of time
  • Nothing can separate us from the love of God
  • Choose Joy
  • Small things done with great love
  • Claming the storm
  • Living well together
Click on this link - https://www.gloucester.anglican.org/your-ministry/children-youth-and-families/growing-together/


Imaginor has produced a special Journey into Easter for use at home. It uses some stunning art work by Nebiyu Assefa and is written by Shahne Vickery. This is a free resource.

Click on this link : https://imaginor.co.uk/journey_to_easter
William and Lucy

A collection of Bible stories that are written for children with related questions. This is a wonderful resource. Click on the download below.
Files to Download: