Our Council

At Bishop Lonsdale Primary School and Nursery, we have our own group of very enthusiastic eco-councillors. 
With a representative from each year group in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, our councillors work together to educate and promote the importance of becoming more environmentally friendly, to our peers across the school and our families at home. 
We have conducted an environmental review to understand how our school is currently working towards being environmentally conscious and created an action plan to guide our next steps. The key areas we are focussing on are: litter, waste and water. We will be holding competitions, themed days and informative worships to get everyone involved with looking after our beautiful planet. 
We have been accredited with a bronze award from the Eco-Schools Green Flag award and will continue to support our peers and families with becoming more eco-friendly. 
Messages from our councillors: 
Year 1: " I want to be in Eco Council to help people look after people and animals"
Year 2: " I want to help people be more eco-friendly, and not to pollute by not using cars"
Year 3: " I wanted to be an eco- councillor to help the world be eco-friendly and look after the animals"
Year 4: " I want to be an eco- councillor because I want to save the planet"
Year 5: " I want to be an eco- councillor because I thought it will be fun and I will help people to understand how not to waste water"
Year 6: " I want to be an eco-councillor because I want people to be kind and to help the environment, so not to litter"
Year 6: " I want to be on the Eco Council because I want to help our wildlife and help our environment"
Year 6: " I wanted to be in the Eco Council because I want to save the environment and save the animals from plastic"
Year 6: " I want to be on the Eco Council because I wanted to make a difference in school and Eco Council is the best way to do that"